Anya Quilt Design Generator – Anne Sullivan

Anya is a simple AI-based quilt design generator. It uses accepted color theory for choosing colors and follows a design methodology frequently used by the author. All the designs created pull from a similar aesthetic.

You can play with Anya here.



2 thoughts on “Anya Quilt Design Generator – Anne Sullivan”

  1. Beautiful.
    Could you elaborate on AI and color theory?
    Which tools did you use to program the generator?

    1. Thank you! The generator is written in javascript, as are the supporting libraries. One of the libraries is a palette generator that has a (somewhat simplistic, admittedly) understanding of color theory. It chooses a starting color and then builds a palette around it using a monochromatic, analogous, complementary or split-complementary color scheme. You can try it out here:
      It has a REST interface for being able to pass in a starting color, number of colors, and/or which color scheme you want.
      I still want to add the notion of color ‘moods’ for more refined color choices.

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